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My First Finance Book - Update!

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

An exciting business update from the team behind the children's finance books!

This week’s blog is less about teaching kids finance and more of a business update; but keep reading to find an exclusive 10% off code for anything in our NEW store!

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Celebrating Milestones!

I’m extremely excited to share some significant milestones we've achieved recently. Firstly, our books have been officially accepted into the prestigious Library of Congress! This means our educational resources can now be made available to local libraries across the country, which gets us one step closer to ensuring that kids everywhere have access to financial learning!

Secondly, we have completed our Comprehensive Lesson Plan series, a meticulously crafted educational resource that complements our books perfectly. Once our store and website final touches are complete (more on that later), we will be ready to introduce our full suite of Books and Lesson Plans to the world, opening the doors to a wealth of financial knowledge for children.

As part of the above initiative, we have also updated the Presentation Slides associated with our Free Plan! You can get your copy of the new version HERE. Don't forget to let us know what you think!

Exciting Opportunities Await!

As part of our commitment to expanding financial education, we are gearing up to launch

our Affiliate Sellers Program! This no-gimmick, flat-rate commission program, offering a 10% commission on all website sales, is our way of encouraging more people to join our mission.

Stay tuned for future posts where we'll dive into the details of this exciting opportunity.

For a sneak peek, here is a link to our new store with the package deals and pricing that our affiliates will be sharing!

Exclusive Access to Our Upgraded Store!

We’d like to ask a favor of you. We’re in the process of transitioning our store away from our original website and into another one powered by Wix. This store is magnitudes more customizable than our original and will solve many of the issues we were having on our original site!

With that in mind, can you give a few minutes of your time to review the store and let us know what you think? You can find the store here. There’s a contact page on the website that you can drop a few recommendations into if you so choose! We really couldn’t appreciate it more! You can also reach out to us via email (, Instagram, or our Contact-Us page on the original website!

Unlock Your 10% Discount!

Thank you for reading this far and for looking at our store! If you want to buy something, during checkout, use the code BLOG10 to enjoy a 10% discount on your total purchase. This is our way of saying thank you for believing in our mission and actively participating in making financial education accessible to children everywhere.

Why Teaching Kids Finance Matters

Financial literacy is the key to empowering the next generation with the knowledge to make informed decisions about money. By starting early, we can help children develop robust money management skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Our books are not mere teaching tools; they are portals to a future where financial confidence is the norm, not the exception.

Join Us in Spreading the Word!

We strongly believe in the power of community. Your experiences, your child’s progress, and

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your recommendations to friends and family can make a real difference in the lives of young learners. Help us spread the word about My First Finance Book and contribute to the collective effort of nurturing financially responsible children.

Stay Tuned for More!

This is just the beginning of our thrilling journey together. We have ambitious plans for the future, including new books and series, and growing our sales locations to spread the knowledge in our books. By being a part of My First Finance Book team, you are not just a subscriber; you are a vital member of a community dedicated to shaping a financially literate future generation.

Thank you once again for choosing My First Finance Book. Your trust and support inspire us every day. If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email, message us on Instagram, or use our contact-us page. Your feedback is invaluable to us.

Here’s to a future where every child understands the power of the dollar and the significance of financial independence!


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