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Purchase the complete My First Finance Book - Coloring Book Series!

This package includes our five engaging books that teach kids ages 6-8 about about budgeting, small businesses, and compound interest. With fun images to draw in and relatable story lines (like saving to buy candy and setting up a lemonade stand) your little ones will be sure to learn while having fun!

Plus, with free shipping and a $10 discount when ordering this package vs. ordering each book individually, it's a great deal for parents and educators looking to teach financial literacy to kids.  Don't miss out on this essential resource for building financial literacy skills in children

[NOTE on Shipping] The free shipping option may take up to two weeks to print and then be delivered (averages 10 days), please contact us before placing your order if you would like to upgrade for expedited shipping.  Thanks!



  • The My First Finance Book: How Money is Earned Saved and Used
  • Money Wizards:  The Magic of Saving and Budgeting!
  • Building a Better Community: Lessons from Lemonade Stands and More!
  • Community Heroes and Curious Explorers:  Investing with Time, Education, and the Power of Positive Impact!
  • From Little Seeds to Great Fortunes:  The Magic of Long Term Investing!

My First Finance Coloring Book Series!

PriceFrom $45.00
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