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 Finance Curriculum

Our lesson plans allow anyone the ability to pick up a My First Finance Book and begin teaching personal finance to their kids or their class!  

The curriculum is perfect for parents and educators who want to give their children the best financial start in life by teaching them about money. 


The core of the curriculum package is our teachers guide book.  Each section in the book correlates to a chapter in the My First Finance Books.  Each section starts with a Unit Summary, written in plain English by the authors to level-set any teacher who is using the books and explain the concepts in the chapter.  It then progresses through learning objectives, discussion points, in-class activities, and a long-form activity that runs concurrently with the course.

Each curriculum also comes with access to our full suite of presentation slides.  These were created so that teachers would need to do minimal prep before class.  The slides are high quality and ready to go, no extra work needed!

We designed this curriculum to be as seamless as possible, making it easy for anyone to teach the next generation about the basics of personal finance!

Images from the Lesson Plan

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