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Recommended Teaching Tools

We've putting together a (growing) list of teaching tools and enablers for you to use in conjunction with our books!  Most of these items can be found on Amazon, Target, Walmart, or any other large retailers.  

The items we're displaying are from Amazon as part of the affiliate program.  We get a small commission if you purchase them after clicking our link.  This did not affect the which items we chose, or will choose, to have on this list.

MoonJar is a twist on the classic piggy bank.  In our opinion it's a much better product than the traditional piggy bank.

What we Like About It:   MoonJar comes with three sections: Save - Spend - Share.  It also comes with a small budgeting starting guide.  The jars fit together into a diamond, and seperate easily when it's time to retrieve the money.  They're just clear enough that it's easy for kids to see how much money they have inside as well.

What we don't Like About It:  The only thing we wish it had was a fourth section for investing.  However, this isn't limited to just MoonJar and is a standard issue across all multi-pocket piggy bank type items like this.  We still think MoonJar is a top tier item, but you might want to consider having another way of setting aside investing money with your kids!

Where to Get it:  Amazon for $20.49 (as of November 2023)

MoonJar Save Spend Share piggy bank

We discuss the importance of kids learning about money through physical touch in many of our books and blogs.  But we also know that in today's modern world, actual cash is becoming much less prevalent (I genuinely am not sure the last time I carried cash!).

One of the ideas we recommend is keeping your kids money safe in a online bank, but teaching them through "play money".  This gives your kids the ability to learn money in a physical and visual way, and you don't have to worry about getting cash out of the bank or hoping they don't lose some dollars!

Why we like this set:  The first thing we noticed about this set was the huge amount of positive reviews (over 16k at time of writing).  The second thing is the price to value ratio.  There's plenty of "money" in here to get any family started for a very low cost!

Where to get it:  Amazon for $12.99 (as of November 2023)

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