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Join our Affiliate Sellers Program!

  • Flat Rate 10% Commission

  • Personalized 5% off Coupon for Customers

  • No-Gimmicks, No-Cost, No-Hassle

Be a Part of Something Great

Become an Affiliate

Want to earn some extra money on the side while spreading the important message of personal finance?

Our Affiliate system is as simple as it gets.  Follow the link above to sign-up, get your personalized website link and 5% off code, and share with everyone you can!

Any purchases that are made through your link, you get 10% of.  You'll also get a customizable 5% off coupon to share with your customers!  Your commission comes from the pre-coupon number, so share away without stressing about your profit!

Why are We Offering this Program?

We offer this type of affiliate system for two reasons.

  1. Word of mouth is the fastest and most reliable way for a business likes ours to spread.  If we're generating revenue from you telling people about us, we think it's fair that you take part in that revenue too!

  2. Speed to Market - Speed to Changing the World:  We could hire a bunch of sales folks to work on selling for us, but that's a slow process.  Building together with our community gets us in front of more people at a faster pace, and let's us all make a positive impact on our communities!

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