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Top 5 Mobile Apps and Online Games for Fun Financial Learning

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Hey parents and guardians! As someone who's passionate about financial education, I'm always on the lookout for ways to make learning about money both fun and meaningful for our kids. Today, I'm excited to share with you my top picks for mobile apps and online games that are perfect for this task. These aren't just any apps; they are innovative, engaging, and most importantly, they turn learning about finance into a game that kids will love. Let's explore these fantastic financial games for kids that are sure to make a difference in how our young ones perceive and handle money.

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Note: We are not affiliated with any of the below apps or programs and don’t make money from sharing them, we just think they’re great resources!


Table of Contents


Bankarroo teaches kids about money through an online app

1. Bankaroo: The Digital Way to Learn About Money

What Makes Bankaroo Special?

Bankaroo is a virtual bank designed specifically for kids. It stands out as an educational tool that teaches children the basics of managing money. Think of it as a digital piggy bank, but with tons of interactive features.

  • Target Age Group: Ideal for kids aged 6-12.

  • Educational Focus: Teaches savings, budgeting, and financial responsibility.

  • Engagement: Interactive interface with easy-to-understand graphics.

In-Depth Insight:

Bankaroo starts kids on a journey of financial discovery. It's like a mini-world of banking where they can track their allowance, set savings goals, and learn the value of money. The beauty of Bankaroo lies in its simplicity and its ability to present complex concepts in a kid-friendly way. It's a hit among my young learners and a great starter app for introducing the concepts of saving and spending.

Check it out on the app store here!


Savings spree helps kids learn about finances through fun games

2. Savings Spree: A Game of Smart Money Choices

The Fun Side of Saving and Spending

Savings Spree is not just a game; it's a financial adventure. This app teaches kids how their daily choices can lead to big savings or expenses. It's all about making smart financial decisions.

  • Recommended Age: Best for children aged 7-12.

  • Learning Experience: Covers saving, spending wisely, and the impact of financial decisions.

  • Interactive Gameplay: Engages kids with fun and educational content.

In-Depth Insight:

Imagine a game show where your child is the star, making decisions that affect their virtual savings. That's Savings Spree for you! With each decision, kids learn the value of saving for the future, the benefits of charitable giving, and the consequences of impulsive spending. It’s a fantastic tool to spark conversations about money and its value in our daily lives.

Check it out on the app store here!


Gohenry is perfect for teaching kids about money through an app

3. GoHenry: Real-World Financial Skills for Kids

Hands-On Money Management

GoHenry goes beyond the basics, offering a prepaid debit card for kids, managed through an interactive app. It's about real-world financial education, right in the palm of their hands.

  • Age Suitability: Great for a wider age range, from 6-18 years.

  • Real-Life Skills: Teaches practical money management, budgeting, and spending.

  • Parental Controls: Parents can oversee and guide their child's spending habits.

In-Depth Insight:

With GoHenry, kids get to manage actual money, giving them a sense of independence and responsibility. They learn to budget their allowance, save for specific goals, and spend wisely. It's a game-changer in teaching kids about the realities of money in a controlled and safe environment. As a parent, you have the peace of mind of setting limits and monitoring transactions. It’s financial education that aligns perfectly with real-life scenarios.

Check it out on the app store here!


Kiddie Kredit teaches kids credit online

4. Kiddie Kredit: Learning About Credit Early On

A Unique Approach to Financial Education

Kiddie Kredit is an innovative app that educates kids about the credit system. By linking chores to a credit score system, it teaches the importance of maintaining good financial habits.

  • Ideal for Young Learners: Perfect for kids aged 4-12.

  • Credit Education: Introduces the concept of credit scores in a kid-friendly manner.

  • Motivational Tool: Encourages responsibility and accountability through chores.

In-Depth Insight:

Kiddie Kredit is a gem when it comes to teaching kids about credit. It demystifies credit scores by equating them to everyday tasks. As kids complete chores, their 'credit score' increases, teaching them the value of consistency and responsibility. It’s a playful way to introduce a complex topic, setting the foundation for more advanced financial learning as they grow older.

Check it out on the app store here!


FamZoo helps families work together to learn finances online

5. FamZoo: Teaching Kids Real-World Money Management

More Than Just an Allowance Tracker

FamZoo offers a unique blend of prepaid cards and financial education. It's designed to help kids and teens manage their money more effectively, while still under parental guidance.

  • Broad Age Range: Suitable for kids and teens of all ages.

  • Hands-On Experience: Provides real-life tools for budgeting, saving, and spending.

  • Family Collaboration: Promotes teamwork in managing finances within the family.

In-Depth Insight:

FamZoo is like a training ground for future money managers. It gives kids the experience of managing real money – from earning and saving to spending and even giving to charity. The app helps bridge the gap between theoretical financial education and real-world money management. It's incredibly empowering for kids and teens, giving them the confidence to make smart financial decisions.

Check out their website here!


Conclusion: Building a Financially Savvy Generation

There you have it – my top five picks for financial games for kids that are not only fun but incredibly educational. Each of these apps offers something unique, from learning the basics of savings and budgeting to handling real money. As parents, it's our role to guide our children towards financial literacy, and these tools make that journey enjoyable and impactful. Let's raise a generation of financially savvy individuals, starting with these engaging and educational apps. Feel free to share your experiences or recommend other great financial learning tools in the comments!

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