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Top 10 Small Businesses Your Kids Can Start Today

Updated: Jan 13

As an educator, I've always been passionate about instilling the values of entrepreneurship in our younger generation. Today, I'm excited to share with you some fantastic small business ideas that your kids can start right away. These ventures are not only fun but also great learning experiences that can teach valuable lessons in personal finance and responsibility. If you find yourself wondering if starting a small business will be worth it for your kids, then consider reading our article about the importance of entrepreneurship for kids! With all that said, let's dive into the world of entrepreneurship for kids!


Table of Contents


kids with a lemonade stand learning entrepreneurship

1. Lemonade Stand

The Quintessential First Business

Ah, the lemonade stand - it's almost a rite of passage for young entrepreneurs. This simple business teaches your kids the basics of money management, customer service, and marketing in a fun and engaging way. They'll learn the importance of location, creating a quality product, and the power of a friendly smile. It's a perfect start to their entrepreneurial journey!

  • Skills Learned: Money management, customer service, marketing

  • Tips for Success: Choose a busy location, focus on quality, be friendly and engaging

  • Getting Started: Set up a stand in a high-traffic area, use a simple yet tasty lemonade recipe, and create eye-catching signs to attract customers.

kid with small business

2. Lawn Mowing and Yard Care

Fostering Responsibility and Physical Activity

For older kids, a lawn mowing and yard care business can be a fantastic way to earn some money while staying active. This venture teaches them about time management, setting competitive prices, and the value of hard work. They'll learn the importance of keeping a regular schedule and providing reliable service to build a loyal customer base.

  • Skills Learned: Time management, pricing strategies, work ethic

  • Tips for Success: Maintain a regular schedule, offer reliable service, market locally

  • Getting Started: Start by offering services to neighbors, invest in reliable lawn care equipment, and create flyers to advertise in your community.

young entrepreneur walking dogs

3. Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

For the Animal Lovers

Kids who love animals will find dog walking or pet sitting a rewarding way to earn money. This business teaches responsibility, time management, and how to interact effectively with pet owners. Building trust with clients and ensuring the safety and happiness of their pets are crucial skills they'll develop.

  • Skills Learned: Responsibility, time management, interpersonal skills

  • Tips for Success: Build trust with clients, be consistent, prioritize safety

  • Getting Started: Create a simple flyer with your services, start with pets of people you know, and set a reasonable and competitive rate. Post the flyer on mailboxes around your neighborhood or in your neighborhood Facebook groups!

young business owner making arts and crafts

4. Handmade Crafts and Jewelry

Unleashing Creativity

If your child has a knack for crafting, turning their hobby into a small business could be a great idea. This venture teaches budgeting for materials, setting prices, and tapping into their creativity. They'll learn how to cater to customer preferences and use online platforms to expand their market.

  • Skills Learned: Creativity, budgeting, price setting

  • Tips for Success: Ensure high-quality work, understand your customers, utilize online selling platforms

  • Getting Started: Identify a crafting niche, source affordable materials, and consider selling on platforms like Etsy or at local craft fairs.

teaching other kids about business

5. Tutoring for Younger Students

Empowering Through Knowledge

Academically inclined kids can find tutoring younger students both fulfilling and profitable. This experience teaches communication, patience, and reinforces their own knowledge. Identifying their strengths in subjects and developing effective teaching methods will be key to their success.

  • Skills Learned: Communication, patience, knowledge reinforcement

  • Tips for Success: Identify subject strengths, develop effective teaching methods, build rapport with students

  • Getting Started: Advertise your services at local schools or community centers, set a reasonable hourly rate, and prepare engaging materials for lessons.

kids at a carwash business

6. Car Wash Service

Community Engagement and Hard Work

A car wash service is a great way for kids to get involved in the community while learning the value of hard work. They'll learn about service pricing, customer satisfaction, and teamwork if they decide to work with friends. Paying attention to detail and offering promotional deals can make their service stand out.

  • Skills Learned: Hard work, service pricing, customer satisfaction

  • Tips for Success: Be thorough, offer promotions, collaborate effectively

  • Getting Started: Gather quality car washing supplies, choose a visible and accessible location, and promote your service through local advertising.

child entrepreneur making baked goods

7. Baking and Selling Homemade Treats

Combining Culinary Skills with Business Savvy

For kids who love to bake, selling homemade treats can be a delicious business venture. They'll learn about cost calculation, the importance of quality ingredients, and sales techniques. Unique recipes and attractive packaging can set their products apart in the market.

  • Skills Learned: Baking, cost calculation, sales

  • Tips for Success: Be creative with recipes, focus on quality, package attractively

  • Getting Started: Perfect a few signature recipes, understand local food regulations, and use social media to showcase your treats. Consider advertising your goods in your local neighborhood or school for some added customers!

kid business owner with his garden

8. Gardening and Produce Stand

Learning About Agriculture and Business

Starting a garden and selling the produce can teach kids about agriculture and business fundamentals. They'll learn about gardening, product presentation, and how to set competitive prices. Engaging with the local community and ensuring the quality of their produce will be key.

  • Skills Learned: Gardening, product presentation, pricing

  • Tips for Success: Grow quality produce, set up an attractive stand, engage with the community

  • Getting Started: Start a small garden, learn about caring for different produce, and set up a stand in your yard or a local market.

young kid helping teach an old man technology

9. Tech Support for Seniors

Bridging the Generational Tech Gap

Tech-savvy kids can offer their skills to help seniors with technology. This teaches them technical knowledge, patience, and how to communicate effectively with an older demographic. Building trust and offering customized help can turn this into a rewarding experience.

  • Skills Learned: Technical knowledge, patience, communication

  • Tips for Success: Offer clear explanations, build trust, customize your help

  • Getting Started: Advertise in local community centers, start with basic tech help, and be patient and clear in your explanations.

girl drawing art to sell at her business

10. Custom Artwork and Illustrations

Nurturing Artistic Talent

Kids with artistic talent can offer custom artwork or illustrations. This business teaches them about artistic skills, client communication, and marketing. Developing a unique style and creating an online portfolio can attract a wide range of customers.

  • Skills Learned: Artistic skills, client communication, marketing

  • Tips for Success: Develop a unique style, showcase your work online, seek customer feedback

  • Getting Started: Create a portfolio of your work, use social media to gain exposure, and consider taking commissions for personalized pieces. Websites like Etsy or Fiverr are perfect for this type of small business!


Encouraging entrepreneurship in children is a rewarding journey. These small business ideas not only provide a platform for learning but also instill confidence, creativity, and a sense of responsibility in young minds. As parents and educators, our support and guidance are crucial in helping them navigate the world of entrepreneurship. I hope these ideas inspire you and your kids to embark on this exciting journey.

If you were inspired by this article, but don't know how to start, consider our article "Turning Ideas into Action: A Step-by-Step Guide for Kid's Business Ventures" to get you going!


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