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10 Exciting Games That Make Learning About the Stock Market Fun for Kids!

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Financial knowledge begins with education, and what better way to teach the next generation than through interactive stock market games? Here are ten engaging games to help kids grasp the complexities of the financial world in a fun and educational way.

Why Stock Market Games Work for Kids

Games are a powerful educational tool, providing hands-on experience in a risk-free environment. They simulate real-world financial scenarios, allowing kids to learn from their successes and mistakes without real-world consequences. This experiential learning solidifies understanding and prepares them for future financial decisions.

If you're not confident in the definitions of different stock market terms, you can reference our article "12 Common Stock Market Terms Explained for Kids" to get an understanding before continuing on!

Top 10 Stock Market Games for Kids

1. Virtual Stock Exchange

  • Description: MarketWatch Stock Market Game is a phone app published by the creators of the Wall Street Journal. It allows kids to trade and manage their own portfolio using real-time data. Its authentic platform is great for teaching the impact of market events on stocks.

  • Pre-Knowledge Required: None. Beginners can use learning tools within the game.

  • Why This Game?: It simulates a realistic trading environment, fostering an understanding of real market events and portfolio management.

MarketWatch home page
MarketWatch App Page

2. The Stock Market Game

  • Description: At, children can learn to build a portfolio and understand the economic forces that influence the stock market. This game is excellent for developing decision-making skills. The game covers a 5 year span and lets kids pick and choose individual stocks to see how they perform!

  • Pre-Knowledge Required: Basic math skills. The game is designed to guide beginners.

  • Why This Game?: A longstanding educational tool in classrooms, it teaches fundamental economics and financial planning.

the stock market game homepage
Homepage - The Stock Market Game

3. How The Market Works

  • HowTheMarketWorks offers a competitive edge with contests and creates a practical understanding of market operations, which is perfect for fostering strategic thinking. It also lets you create a custom game or investing strategy for your kids, so they can learn from your experiences too!

  • Pre-Knowledge Required: Suitable for all levels, with comprehensive educational resources.

  • Why This Game?: Interactive contests and practical tools provide a hands-on learning experience about the stock market.

How the Market Works website
How the Market Works logo

4. Wall Street Survivor

  • Description: Through Wall Street Survivor, players can learn by doing; they create a portfolio, trade stocks, and complete missions, making it great for understanding market fundamentals. It also tracks with current market trends so there’s a real world element too!

  • Pre-Knowledge Required: None. It includes tutorials and missions for learning.

  • Why This Game?: The game breaks down complex concepts into digestible lessons through a mission-based approach.

screenshot of wall street survivor homepage
Screenshot from Wall Street Survivor Homepage

5. Investopedia Stock Simulator

  • Description: The Investopedia Stock Simulator provides a platform for advanced learners to dive into the stock market with $100,000 in virtual cash, promoting an in-depth understanding of investment strategies. Investopedia has been a leader in financial coaching and training for a long time, and their stock simulator is no different.

  • Pre-Knowledge Required: A basic understanding of finance is helpful but not mandatory.

  • Why This Game?: It offers a deeper dive into the stock market, backed by Investopedia's extensive educational resources.

investopedia simulator logo
Logo for Investopedia Simulator

6. The Stock Market Game for Beginners

  • Description: SMG: The Stock Market Game for Beginners on Outschool is an interactive class that introduces kids to the fundamentals of the stock market through practical exercises and engaging lessons. It's designed to help young learners understand how to trade stocks, manage portfolios, and navigate financial news with ease.

  • Pre-Knowledge Required: None. The game is designed to teach the basics to children.

  • Why This Game?: It’s specifically created for younger children to introduce them to investing and money management in a simplified manner.

Screenshot from The SMG website
Screenshot from The SMG website

7. Stock Market Challenge

  • Description: Although the direct link is restricted, Stock Market Challenge is known for its competitive environment where players strategize to have the best-performing stocks, teaching the importance of market analysis.

  • Pre-Knowledge Required: None. The game is structured to guide complete beginners through the intricacies of the stock market.

  • Why This Game?: SMG is known for its educational value, providing step-by-step instructions and a supportive learning environment. It's a comprehensive tool for teaching the foundations of investing and financial planning, making it an excellent choice for young learners without any background knowledge.

Stock Market Challenge Logo
Stock Market Challenge Logo

8. CashCrunch Junior

  • Description: CashCrunch Junior is a board game that focuses on the fundamentals of money management. This game is ideal for teaching kids about saving, budgeting, and the repercussions of financial decisions.

  • Pre-Knowledge Required: None. Focuses on teaching basic money management skills.

  • Why This Game?: It emphasizes foundational financial skills such as saving and budgeting, which are key to early financial literacy.

Logo for Cash Crunch Games
Logo for Cash Crunch Games

9. BizKid$ Stock Game

  • Description: Linked with the educational show, the BizKid$ Stock Game makes learning about stocks relatable and understandable for kids, emphasizing financial responsibility.

  • Pre-Knowledge Required: None. Uses simple concepts for easy understanding.

  • Why This Game?: Associated with an educational TV program, it engages kids with relatable and educational financial scenarios.

Logo for Biz Kids
Logo for Biz Kids

10. GoVenture Stock Market

  • Description: The GoVenture Stock Market game is an immersive simulation that offers a complex understanding of the stock market, suitable for older kids interested in the nuances of investing.

  • Pre-Knowledge Required: Some basic financial literacy is advantageous for a full experience.

  • Why This Game?: It provides a comprehensive and detailed simulation of stock market investing, ideal for teens and older children.

Screenshot from GoVenture Homepage
Screenshot from GoVenture Homepage

How to Get the Most Out of Stock Market Games

Use these games as a springboard for deeper discussion about finances. Encourage kids to research real companies and understand the factors that influence stock prices. This active engagement transforms the game from mere play to a valuable learning experience.

You can dive into some more ideas by reading our article "Raising Money-Smart Kids: Dive into the World of Teaching Kids About Investing!"

Integrating Games into a Broader Financial Education

While these games are beneficial, they're just one part of a financial education. Combine them with real-life financial planning, such as budgeting allowances or understanding family financial decisions, for a holistic approach.

If you want to learn more about how to teach a broader financial education, take a look at our article "Teaching Money Skills".


These ten stock market games offer varied approaches to teaching financial literacy, catering to different ages and learning stages. By simulating the excitement and complexities of the stock market, they prepare kids for a future of informed financial decisions.

Dive into these games with your kids and watch them develop into financially savvy individuals. Share your experiences and tips in the comments to help grow our community of young investors!


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