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Success Stories: Inspiring Examples of Young Entrepreneurs and What We Can Learn from Them

Updated: Jan 13

Hey there, parents and guardians! Are you looking to introduce your kids to the exciting world of personal finance and entrepreneurship? You're in the right place! In this post, we'll dive into the inspiring stories of young entrepreneurs who are changing the game. These tales aren't just motivational; they're real-life examples of what happens when kids get a taste of business. We're going to explore how these stories can be a valuable learning tool for your little ones. Let's get started on this journey of discovery and see how entrepreneurship can shape young minds!

Highlights from what we’ll learn:

  • Entrepreneurship for Kids: A valuable tool for learning about finance and business.

  • Real-Life Examples: Inspiring stories from young entrepreneurs.

  • Learning Opportunities: Practical lessons in finance and resilience.


Table of Contents


Mom and kid learning about bonds

The Rise of Young Entrepreneurs

In recent years, there's been a remarkable surge in the number of young entrepreneurs. Thanks to technology and social media, kids today have unprecedented opportunities to start their own ventures. From tech innovations to social media businesses, these young minds are proving that age is just a number when it comes to business success. This rise is not just about making money; it's about the invaluable skills these young entrepreneurs are gaining. Skills like financial literacy, strategic thinking, and resilience are all part of the package.

Before we dive in, if you're mind is already spinning with ideas for your children's future business, check out our article with 10 creative ideas to help you (and your kids) get started!

Quick Facts:

  • Growing Trend: An increase in young entrepreneurs globally.

  • Technology's Role: A significant enabler for young business minds.

  • Skill Development: Financial literacy, problem-solving, and resilience are key gains.


Screenshot of Mo's Bows logo
Screenshot of Mo's Bows logo

Success Story 1: Moziah Bridges (Mo's Bows)

The Young Fashion Icon

At just nine years old, Moziah Bridges started Mo's Bows, a handcrafted bowtie business. His journey is a remarkable example of spotting a niche market and turning a passion into a profitable business. Moziah didn't just stop at creating a product; he mastered the art of pricing, marketing, and brand development. He even appeared on "Shark Tank"!

Lessons for Kids:

  • Market Opportunities: Recognizing and capitalizing on them.

  • Pricing and Branding: Key aspects of a successful business.

  • Public Speaking: Confidence in presenting ideas.

The Business Strategy

Moziah's approach was simple yet effective. He identified a product he loved, found a gap in the market, and filled it with creativity and flair. His story teaches kids the importance of believing in their ideas and the basics of turning those ideas into a sustainable business.

You can learn more about the fashion icon Mo at his website here!


Screenshot of Me & the Bees Lemonade Logo
Screenshot of Me & the Bees Lemonade Logo

Success Story 2: Mikaila Ulmer (Me & the Bees Lemonade)

The Bee Advocate Turned Entrepreneur

Mikaila Ulmer's story began with a lemonade stand, but she quickly turned it into a thriving business: Me & the Bees Lemonade. At just four years old, she started with a family recipe and a mission to save the bees. Mikaila's journey is a testament to the power of a unique selling proposition and the importance of a cause-driven business.

Lessons for Kids:

  • Sustainability: Incorporating it into business models.

  • Creative Marketing: Using a story to connect with customers.

  • Financial Planning: Basics of budgeting and investment.

Overcoming Challenges

Mikaila faced and overcame numerous challenges, from product development to finding the right channels for distribution. Her story is an excellent example for kids about the importance of perseverance and creative problem-solving in business.

Learn more about Mikaila and her lemonade at her website here!


Screenshot of Ryan's World YoutTube Channel

Success Story 3: Ryan Kaji (Ryan's World)

The YouTube Sensation

Ryan Kaji, the young star of Ryan's World, began his journey on YouTube doing toy reviews. His channel quickly evolved into a massive brand, encompassing toys, TV shows, and more. Ryan's success story is a modern tale of how digital platforms can be leveraged for entrepreneurial success.

Lessons for Kids:

  • Digital Literacy: Understanding and using online platforms.

  • Content Creation: Engaging and original content as a business tool.

  • Internet Safety: Navigating the online world responsibly.

A New Age Business Model

Ryan's story highlights the importance of understanding digital media and how it can be monetized. It's a brilliant example for kids about the potential of online businesses and the importance of adapting to new technologies.

Check out his fun YouTube channel here!


Common Challenges

Every entrepreneurial journey comes with its set of challenges. Our young entrepreneurs faced issues like funding, balancing education with business, and learning the ropes of their respective industries. Their stories teach us that overcoming these obstacles is possible with resilience, adaptability, and creativity.

Key Challenges:

  • Funding: Finding resources to start and grow.

  • Education Balance: Juggling business with school.

  • Industry Knowledge: Learning and adapting to market needs.


Practical Tips for Parents

As a parent, you play a crucial role in nurturing your child's entrepreneurial spirit. Encourage their interests, provide resources, and guide them in understanding the ethical and responsible ways of doing business. Remember, your support can be the cornerstone of their success.

And if you want to support them by helping them come up with ideas, check out our article with our top 10 businesses that kids can start today!

Parental Guidance:

  • Encouragement: Foster their business interests.

  • Resources: Provide tools and learning materials.

  • Ethical Practices: Teach them responsible business conduct.



These stories of young entrepreneurs aren't just inspiring; they're powerful examples of what can be achieved when kids are introduced to the world of business. They teach us that with the right guidance, support, and resources, entrepreneurship can be a transformative experience for kids. Let's use these stories to start conversations about finance and business with our children and pave the way for the next generation of innovators and leaders.

Final Thoughts:

  • Entrepreneurship for Kids: A gateway to learning and growth.

  • Inspiration and Education: Real-life stories as powerful teaching tools.

  • Parental Role: Crucial in guiding and supporting young entrepreneurs.


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