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5 Must-Read Children's Books for Learning About the Stock Market

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Hey parents! Ready to embark on a financial literacy adventure with your kiddos? These five children's books are perfect for teaching kids about the stock market. Not just super fun to read, but they're also packed with essential lessons to help your little ones understand investing. So, let's dive in!

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Table of Contents


1. "Four Money Bears" by Mac Gardner

The Four Money Bears

  • Find it on Amazon: Link to Four Money Bears

  • What's it about?: This charming book stars four adorable bears, each with a different approach to money. It's a playful, story-driven approach to teaching kids about the stock market and financial management.

  • Why we love it: "Four Money Bears" is a standout because it covers the full spectrum of money management in a way that's super relatable for kids. Plus, it instills values beyond just saving and investing - like generosity and balance.

  • Age Range: Ideal for ages 4 to 8.

2. "Investing for Kids: How to Save, Invest, and Grow Money" by Dylin Redling and Allison Tom

Investing for Kids

  • Find it on Amazon: Link to Investing for Kids

  • What's it about?: This fantastic book simplifies the world of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds into concepts that kids can easily grasp, making it a great tool for teaching kids about the stock market!

  • Why we love it: What makes "Investing for Kids" a must-read is its ability to demystify the complex world of investing. It's like a friendly guide that walks kids through the basics, setting a solid foundation for future financial literacy.

  • Age Range: Best for kids aged 8 to 12.

3. "Heads Up Money" by Marcus Weeks

Heads up Money

  • Find it on Amazon: Link to Heads Up Money

  • What's it about?: "Heads Up Money" offers a broad view of finance, diving into topics ranging from the history of money to the nuances of the stock market. It's filled with vibrant illustrations and clear explanations that bring complex financial concepts to life and is a perfect tool for teaching kids about the stock market.

  • Why we chose it: This book shines because it's not just about investing – it's a comprehensive guide to understanding money in all its forms. It helps kids develop a holistic view of finance, which is essential for making smart investment decisions in the future.

  • Age Range: Suitable for ages 9 to 12.

4. "The Young Investor: Projects and Activities for Making Your Money Grow" by Katherine R. Bateman

The Young Investor

  • Find it on Amazon: Link to The Young Investor

  • What's it about?: This interactive book takes a hands-on approach to teaching kids about investing. Through engaging projects and activities, children learn about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more. It's a practical way to explore the concepts of investing, making it feel like an exciting adventure.

  • Why it's awesome: "The Young Investor" is unique because it goes beyond just reading – it involves kids in active learning. By doing real-world activities, kids not only understand but also remember the principles of investing. It's experiential learning at its best!

  • Age Range: Perfect for kids aged 8 to 14.

5. "One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent" by Bonnie Worth

One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent

  • What's it about?: This book is a delightful exploration of the history of money, from bartering in ancient times to modern ways of investing. It's packed with fun facts and rhymes, making the journey through the world of finance both educational and entertaining.

  • Why it's a must-read: The book stands out because it lays a fantastic foundation for understanding money. By learning about its history and evolution, kids gain a deeper appreciation for the value of money and investing, setting the stage for more advanced financial concepts.

  • Age Range: Great for kids aged 4 to 8.

[Bonus Book] The Finance Explorer: A Kids Book Exploring the Basics of Starting a Business and Investing!

The Finance Explorer

  • Find it on Amazon: Link to the Finance Explorer

  • Find it on our Website: Link to Store

  • What’s it about?: The Finance Explorer is a fun, fully illustrated, book for kids to learn about the stock market! It starts with understanding what a single business is, and then builds into

  • Why we love it: Besides the fact that we wrote it of course? We love this book, and think it stands apart from the rest, because of its extremely practical and down-to-earth way of looking at money and investing. Converting everyday activities into learning experiences is how this book teaches. Plus the illustrations are pretty great too!

  • Age Range: Perfect for kids 8-12.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it, our top five picks for children's books on stock market investing. Each book is a treasure trove of knowledge, making finance fun and approachable for your future little investors. So, grab a book, snuggle up, and let's raise the next generation of savvy investors!

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